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Jitka Jilich

Community Inclusion Officer

P: (03) 5734  2164


Consumer Representatives

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Consumer Roles

We currently have 13 people sitting across our committees. Some of our representatives sit on more than one committee.

Community Advisory Board Sub-committee
6 consumers

Clinical Governance Committee

Quality and Safety Committee

1 consumer

Diversity, Inclusion and Health Literacy Working Group
3 consumers

Kilmore District Health (KDH) is committed to providing the highest quality of service that improves health, well-being and community participation. We are committed to ensuring our services meet the needs of our diverse community and removing any barriers that prevent individuals from accessing these services.

What is consumer participation?

Consumer Participation is when people who use our services can have a say in how services are developed and provided.

Why is consumer participation important?
When people are involved in decisions that affect them we achieve better health outcomes and create better services.

Who is a consumer?

Consumers can be:

  • Patients

  • Former patients

  • Carers

  • Family members of patients

  • Future users of the health services


Who can become a Consumer Representative?

  • ​Anyone who is not a staff member

  • Anyone who lives in the Kilmore and surrounding district

  • Anyone with an interest in health issues

  • Anyone who is over 18 years of age

  • Anyone who has used KDH services or is a carer or family member of a patient


What is your role as a Consumer Representative?

​As a consumer you may be involved in:

  • Contributing to our Consumer and Community Participation Advisory Committee

  • Providing feedback about issues of concern or interest to the community, especially those individuals experiencing disadvantage

  • Reading and commenting on publications

  • Contribute to services planning, review and evaluation of services

  • Assisting with staff education and training

  • Speaking to staff or KDH board members at events


What will you receive?

​As a Consumer Representative you will receive:

  • Invitations to provide feedback to KDH

  • TKDH newsletters and publications 

  • Information about opportunities to participate in KDH committees, focus groups or consultations

  • The opportunity to identify and raise concerns or issues


Who will support the committee members?

Committee members will be supported by Jitka Jilich, Community Inclusion Officer.  This will include an introduction to the committee process and all meeting information, arrangement of payments or support needs and a regular conversation to ensure the member can contribute fully or identify any concerns.

Consumer Representative - Expression of Interest Form

Communication Preference (please tick)
I would like to be involved in the following Consumer Engagement Activities
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Thank you for taking the time to express your interest in consumer and community engagement opportunities at Kilmore District Health

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