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Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Environmental Performance Report 2018-19

Kilmore District Health is committed to improving the way we manage our energy, materials and waste for a sustainable and thriving future. We will achieve this through the implementation of our Environmental Strategy and in 2018-19 we significantly progressed this work:

  • Sustainability and Waste Action Group convened in November 2018. The purpose of this group is to monitor energy efficiency and waste management program.

  • Participated in the Victorian Regional Solar Energy project. Installation of solar panels are planned for early 2020 with a forecast reduction in energy consumption of 204K KWh per annum translating to a 16% reduction in C02e.

  • Waste recycling program expanded with the following initiatives implemented:

    • Review of confidential paper recycling undertaken and introduction of a weighted measure of waste;

    • Printer toner, battery and mobile phone recycling; and

    • Plastic waste now separated from other waste for recycling​.

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