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Gender Equality

Our efforts to achieve our Strategic Plan are guided by our REACH values. Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Compassion and Honesty. Continuing our commitment to existing workforce programs to achieve these four objectives, together with the introduction of new and innovative practices identified through the development of this Gender Equality Action Plan, we can move forward in addressing Gender Inequality at KDH.


Our staff have responded to the annual People Matter survey and we have heard the strength of their voice in regard to the seven Gender Equality indicators. We are committed to making change to address the issues they have raised, so our staff feel valued and empowered and are provided with opportunities to reach their personal and professional goals while they are a part of the KDH team and beyond.


By acknowledging our Gender Equality efforts to date and embracing this action plan as a roadmap to guide us on our journey, we will ensure that the Gender Equality principles are imbedded in everything we do.

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