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Patient Information

Patient Enquiries
Family and visitors can call (03) 5734 2000 for any enquiries they may have during your stay. Be aware that due to privacy laws, we may not be able to provide the information they are requesting.

Kitchen staff will supply you with a daily menu for you to select the next days’ meals. If you have any special dietary requirements, nursing staff will notify the kitchen.

Our kitchen staff will visit each room to deliver meals at these approximate times:
•    Breakfast at 8am
•    Morning tea at 10am
•    Lunch at 12pm
•    Afternoon tea at 2pm
•    Dinner/tea at 5pm
•    Supper at 7pm.

If a family member/carer is required to stay with a patient they can order a meal through our kitchen for a reasonable cost. Order forms and costs can be found at front reception. Meal orders need to be submitted by 10am.

Free-to-Air TV is provided to all rooms free of charge.

Visiting Hours
Main Hospital 11am – 1pm and 4pm – 8pm. Maximum four (4) visitors per day. Hours and conditions are subject to change. 

Alcohol and Smoking
To protect the health of our patients and staff, smoking is not permitted within the boundaries of KDH facilities. This includes any building, outdoor area or vehicle within the grounds.

Alcohol and recreational drugs are not to be brought into the Health Service under any circumstances. All laws regarding the use of illegal drugs apply in the Health Service.

Food and Drinks for Visitors
There are several healthy choice snack food vending machines located throughout our services. Please ask staff for directions to nearest location. There are a number of cafés and supermarkets in the main street of Kilmore which is within one kilometre of the Health Service. 


Useful Documents

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