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Have you had a PPH?

Have you or your partner experienced a primary postpartum haemorrhage (too much bleeding within 24 hours of birth)? We are looking for people with lived experience to help us reduce the rate of postpartum haemorrhage.

We're starting a major project this year in conjunction with Safer Care Victoria to improve health outcomes for birthing parents, and their partners or carers, following a postpartum haemorrhage. If you have lived experience of this, we want to know what mattered most to you at that time, how supported you felt, and what you think could be improved.

Consumers with the following expertise and experience are strongly encouraged to apply:

* Have you, or your partner had a baby at KDH in the last 5 years?

* Did you or your partner experience a PPH?

* Would you be interested in sharing your experiences and being part of a Victorian initiative?

EOI Consumer pack_PPH working group
Download PDF • 513KB


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