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Men's Health Week 2023

International Men’s Health Week is celebrated every year around the world. The week highlights the importance of men’s health and to promote and support the health and wellbeing of men and boys in our communities. The focus is not just physical health but mental health and wellbeing.

The theme of Men’s Health Week 2023 is Healthy Habits – focusing on encouraging men and boys to build healthy habits by identifying small changes that can benefit their health and wellbeing.

Did you know:

  • Approximately 50% of men are insufficiently physically active

  • 97% do not consume the recommended serves of vegetables

  • The leading cause of death for Australian men is coronary heart disease, dementia and lung cancer

  • Death by suicide is more than three times as common in Australian men than women.

Encouraging good health includes being proactive and aware of health risks, and it’s important to support preventative health practices and regular health screenings. Maintaining positive social connections and good mental wellbeing is also an essential part of men’s health.

Visit the following organisation websites and resources to find some additional information:

Mensline Australia:

Australian Men’s Health Forum:

Sane Australia:

Heart Foundation:

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia:

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