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Vaccination Clinic has run it's course

After a hugely successful 18 months providing over 34,000 COVID-19 vaccinations to our community, it is time for our clinic to come to an end.

The following clinics will be operating over the next week:

Saturday 18 June - 8:00am-2:30pm

Monday 29 June - 8:00am-2:30pm

Tuesday 21 June - 2:00pm-8:30pm

Wednesday 22 June - 2:00pm-8:30pm

Thursday 23 June - 2:00pm-8:30pm

The last clinic will run on Thursday 23 June.

All online bookings have closed. Limited supply available for walk in clinics until Thursday 23rd June.

We thank all our staff who have been involved in the operation of the clinic during this time for their enthusiasm, dedication and hard work in providing this much needed service to the community.

We also thank the community for their engagement with the clinic. Getting vaccinated was one of the key public health responses and our community stepped up to the challenge.


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