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Contact Details

Lisa Carlyon

UCC Nurse Unit Manager

P: (03) 5734  2110


Urgent Care

The Kilmore District Health Urgent Care Centre (UCC) is staffed 24 hours a day by registered nurses. Medical coverage is provided between the hours of 10:00am to 10:00pm weekdays and weekends. All patients who present are triaged by one of our experience registered nurses and assigned a triage assessment that may mean patients have to wait to be seen for non urgent further assessment and care.   There may be times that we do not have a medical officer onsite, however, when this occurs patients will be attended to by our registered nurses. 

Medicare Ineligible Patients

​Medicare Ineligible Patients are patients that DO NOT hold a valid Medicare Card through the Australian Government’s health care program.
This means, these patients will be required to pay for costs incurred in our Urgent Care Centre. The cost for these patients has been set by KDH at $300.
Staff will advise patients on presentation as to whether you are a Medicare Ineligible Patient and the necessary paperwork and further information will be provided.

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