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KDH partners with Australian Institute of Clinical Governance

Kilmore District Health (KDH) has had a continued commitment to quality and patient/consumer safety through leadership, risk management, effectiveness, workforce and consumer participation which are all pillars of good clinical governance.

To further strengthen our clinical governance knowledge and to embed clinical governance at all levels; KDH has partnered with Australian Institute of Clinical Governance (Health Education Australia Limited).

The partnership will kick off in 2023 with 3 of our Executives going through their flagship course “CERTIFICATE IN CLINICAL GOVERNANCE FOR PATIENT SAFETY AND QUALITY CARE”. This will be followed by a joint Board and Executive workshop in March/April.

Later in the year, we will support more of our senior leaders as well as emerging leaders through the certificate program. Clinical governance is everyone’s responsibility and therefore the course will be offered to clinical, non-clinical staff and offered to some of our consumer representatives over the period of the partnership which is likely to be 2-3 years.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Board of Directors and the CEO, Associate Professor Arish Naresh, at Kilmore District Hospital (KDH) for taking this important step to build clinical governance capacity throughout their organisation. Significantly, it recognises that it is incumbent on the leaders of health organisations to work with the community to strive for continuous improvement of the safety and quality of their services. We are excited to work in partnership with KDH in the provision of clinical governance training to ensure that their systems and processes continue to be patient centered, safe and effective.’- HEAL CEO, Beverley Sutton.

This is an exciting journey and a wonderful opportunity to develop ourselves further.

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