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Work Experience

Kilmore District Health’s School Work Experience Program provides students with an opportunity to gain insight into the healthcare industry.
The program is offered to students in Year 10. Students participating in the program are given the opportunity to spend one week working within available departments to observe and participate in the daily activities. KDH strongly promotes involvement in the program and encourages students from all areas of Victoria to apply.
Areas of the hospital offering general work experience placements may include:

  • Nursing

  • Midwifery

  • Aged Care

  • Outpatients

  • Engineering/Maintenance

  • Corporate Support/Administration/Health Information


If you have any further questions about the Year 10 Work Experience Program that have not been answered above, please contact Caroline Moyes

on 03 5734 2021.


Places for 2023 are full.
Recruitment for 2024 will commence later this year. 

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