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QLD Lockdown update

Anyone who has been in, visited or travelled through the local government areas of: - Brisbane City Council - Moreton Bay Regional Council - Redland - Ipswich or - Logan City Council since Saturday 2 January 2021 should not leave those areas until at least Monday 11 January 2021.

The Queensland Government has ordered a three-day lockdown of the area. All Victorians in these areas are advised to follow the guidance of the Queensland Government and any Victorian with plans to travel to these areas should cancel them. National Cabinet has declared Queensland a national hotspot after the discovery of a UK variant of COVID-19 in a cleaner at a Brisbane quarantine hotel.

Those who have arrived in Victoria from these areas since Saturday 2 January should get tested, remain at home or place of accommodation until Monday 11 January, when a further assessment will be made.

Contact tracing interviews and investigations are continuing into the Victorian outbreak situation. As a result, more exposure sites may be discovered and details about exposure sites may change. A list of each exposure site, including dates and times, can be found here: We ask that you review the exposure sites prior to entering our facilities.


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