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Contact Details

Rashminder Singh

Acute Nurse Unit Manager

P: (03) 5734  2130


Acute & GEM

Kilmore District Health has a 30 bed acute ward supported by highly skilled nursing staff and Visiting Medical Officers.


The acute ward provides care for a diverse range of patients including general medical, post-operative care, maternity, palliative care, Geriatric Evaluation Management (GEM) and Transitional Care Program (TCP). The ward has access to allied health staff including physiotherapists, dieticians and social workers.  

What is the GEM Model?
GEM stands for Geriatric Evaluation and Management.

About GEM
GEM units provide slow paced interdisciplinary aged care and rehabilitation services after an illness or injury. The main aim is to help patients to return home with the best level of health and function.
We will get to know patients and work with them to establish what goals they hope to achieve whilst in GEM.
The focus will be to support patients in achieving their goals while recovering from their illness / injury and successfully making the transition back home.
Some examples of goals may be to walk alone or to attend a family event.
Patients wear normal clothes whilst in the unit and take part in individual and group therapy. Patients are supported to become as independent as possible with their daily routines.
If, when patients go home, they still need extra support we will help arrange the services required.

KDH and Northern Health Partnership
In November 2014 a partnership strategy and agreement was signed between Northern Health (NH) and The Kilmore & District Hospital (KDH) in collaboration with NH. The partnership purpose was to work together towards a seamless, safe and effective patient journey across clinical and support services. 

Over arching principles of the partnership are:

  • Demonstrate benefit for patients and our community

  • Shared values

  • Openness and agreement

  • Complementary strengths

  • Sustainability and longevity


A key priority area was the development of continuing care services that would help transition older people through the system to care provided close to home and discussions were initiated regarding the establishment of 10 GEM beds at KDH.

Access to GEM
In order to gain access to our GEM program, your treating doctor can organise referral to the GEM Geriatrician at Northern Health on 8405 2807.

Once the referral is accepted you will be placed on the wait list and the NH Access Manager will co-ordinate admission with the GEM@Kilmore Nurse Unit Manager.

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